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Why JSK Glass Breaker?

Friday July 15th, 2016 / by 관리자 / / 0 Comments

Our Mission is SAVING LIVES

How is JSK Glass Breaker better than portable Emergency Hammer?

Emergency Hammer is Dangerous

An emergency hammer is a safety device used in vehicles or buildings to break through window glass in an emergency.

JSK Glass Breaker is Better

  • Because it can NOT be used as a weapon.
  • Because it can NOT be lost.
  • Because it does NOT require swing to crush window.

We have heard sad news about the Sewoul ferry of South Korea. If there were a easy way to break the windows of the ship, more people could be alive. There are tools to break Tempered glass out there, but those are hard to use and can be detached. In an emergency situation in the car or ship, the Tempered glass only needs a small crack to break. Portable Emergency Glass Hammers are invented to help breaking glass in emergency situation, but it can be used as a harmful weapon and might be hard to use for someone. Plus, when it has pressures from outside, it is impossible to break windows with the emergency hammer. So, fixed type of the glass breaker was the best way to reduce the risk. Now, we hope that our invention “JSK Glass Breaker” will help saving someone’s life in better ways.